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Artist and curator Jonny Star lives and works in Berlin and partly in New York. Star’s work blends a variety of materials and media such as bronze, photography, fabrics, and elements of installation art. Her ensembles explore biographical experiences, sexuality, gender roles, and identity and how it is perceived by society. Star initiated art projects in Berlin like SchauRaum Berlin (1996-1998), JONNY´S (2007-2009), SWEET HOME (2011 - 2012) and SUPERUSCHI, which is a platform for her current curatorial activities. Jonny Star's work has been shown internationally since 1996.



"I am, currently, conducting an inquiry regarding to what end the individual person and/or a society needs art. I am likewise examining the sense and purpose of my existence as an artist and my working and living conditions as a woman in a patriarchal society. I am investigating excisting gender roles and codifications and  developing humorous and effective strategies to overcome them. With small unusual intervention I am causing irritations to uncover expectations regarding the author of an artwork and regarding categorizations of artworks according alleged addressees. Art has a strong transformational power that can be used for necessary societal changes. In all cultures of the past, pictorial expression was an endeavor to comprehend the world and to give expression to the inexpressible and unexplainable, as well as to gain a sense of bearing, to better give shape to a community's survival, and to facilitate the difficulties arising during the building of the community. My biographical experiences and everyday observations serve as the starting point. Within my site-specific installation, an associative combination of bronze sculptures, cloth objects, collages and photographs generates spatial allegories that facilitate a tangibly apprehensible private mythology. Orchestrated situations and exaggerations – playful, humorous and ironic – on the one hand, and mystical-mythological chimeras and vegetal configurations on the other, provide the motifs for my symbolic and oft-quirky imagery. My work oscillates within the contradictory sphere between abstraction and objectivity. Despite physical presence of my work, my fundamental concern is in giving tangible form to the underlying and thus invisible. The symbolic and the functional, the ambiguous, the serious and playful, and the found and created are combined within a bricolage that I employ as an artisanal and material method."



Jonny Star                                              
*1964 in Düsseldorf, Germany
lives and works in Berlin, Germany



2017   The Undone Ritual - 266 chashama, New York City (USA)
            Fire -  Botschaft in den Uferhallen, Berlin (Germany)
2016    See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me - Kosmetiksalon Bar Babette, Berlin (Germany)
2015    MY WAY - Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (Germany)
2014    INTERGALAKTISCH - ROMPONE artspace, Cologne (Germany)
2013    JETZT KOMM ICH - SALOON SU DE COUCOU, Berlin (Germany)
2012    Good For You - Klötze und Schinken, Berlin (Germany)
            Venice nexte stope - THE SURPRISE, Massat (France)
2011    Jonny is back - SWEET HOME, Berlin (Germany)
2010    My Flowerself - Galerie Crystal Ball, Berlin (Germany)
            JETZT KOMM ICH - Haus am Lützowplatz/Studiogalerie, Berlin (Germany)
2009    wachen sein tot - JONNY´S, Berlin (Germany)
2006    lang lang, Galeria Abraço, Lissabon (Portugal)
2004    suchen eine reise - Galeria Porca Preta, Monchique (Portugal)
2002    alle zusammen - Pasteur im Milchhof, Berlin (Germany)
2001    alle zusammen - Centro Cultural Vila do Bispo, Vila do Bispo (Portual)
2000    werde fliegen - Gallery Foro, Loulé (Portugal)
1999    and suddenly - schrotter&engel, Berlin (Germany)
1998    Pornopüppchen - Begine, Berlin (Germany)
1996    Weltstadt Berlin - schrotter&engel, Berlin (Germany)



2017   Mein lieber Freund und Kupferstecher, Sammlung Haupt - Verband Deutscher Bürgschaftsbanken, Berlin (Germany)
           imaginary snowcloud diving curated by Ann Schomburg, Regierungspräsidium Kassel, Kassel (Germany)
           BERLIN-KLONDYKE 2017 - UGM Studio, Maribor (Slovenija)
2016   The Grand Superuschi Show curated by Jonny Star - Private Home Berlin (Germany)
            Der Flug der Königinnen. Women at work. - ROMPONE artspace, Cologne (Germany)
            NARGIFSUS, Online Exhibition curated by Carla Gannis and Tina Sauerländer, SCREENING - TRANSFER Gallery, Brooklyn, New York (USA)
            Erste Botschaft: frohe Botschaft - Botschaft in den Uferhallen, Berlin (Germany)
            DOES EVERY NAME ALREADY HAVE A SOUND? - Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (Germany)
2015    You Can Feel It curated by Jonny Star - Haus am Lützowplatz/Studiogalerie, Berlin (Germany)
            PORN to PIZZA—Domestic Clichés curated by Tina Sauerländer - DAM Gallery, Berlin (Germany)
            "selfie" curated by Ekaterina Mitichkina - SCHAU FENSTER, Berlin (Germany)
            SWEET LOVE curated by Jonny Star - Berlin Private Home (Germany)
            Ce qui je suis maintenant. Ein Zimmer für Alfred Flechtheim curated by Claudia Cosmo - Osthaus Museum Hagen (Germany)
            kitchen girls & toy boys curated by Jonny Star - Rush Arts Gallery, New York City (USA)
            Kopfzeile, Haarlinie, Fussnote curated by CHAMBER OF FINE ARTS Zürich - Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (Germany)
            4 Years and Counting! selected by Juror Omar Lopez Chahoud - Noospere Arts, New York City (USA)
2014    Ce qui je suis maintenant. Ein Zimmer für Alfred Flechtheim - ROMPONE artspace Cologne (Germany)
            *MOVE FORWARD #2 curated by Jonny Star - Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (Germany)
            viel Arbeit, wenig Rot curated by Hansa Wißkirchen - rosa lux, Berlin (Germany)
            My Paper Sunglasses curated by Otavio Santiago - Somos Art House, Berlin (Germany)
            </head> <body> curated by CHAMBER OF FINE ARTS, Zürich - souterrain, Zürich (CH)
            außen hui, innen pfui  mit Elke Graalfs - MONTAGEHALLE, Berlin (Germany)
            UNGEDULT DER FREIHEIT curated Hansa Wisskirchen - Galerie Holger John, Dresden (Germany)
            du weißt, ich liebe das Leben curated Jonny Star - Chashama 266, New York Ciity (USA)
            toy boys Vol. 2 curated by Jonny Star - Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (Germany)
2013    let us snow  curated by Heiko Pfreundt and Alessandro Vitali - Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (Germany)
            kitchen girls # 2 curated by Jonny Star - Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (Germany)
            Kunst und Banausen curated by Elke Graalfs - Galerie Walden, Berlin (Germany)
2012    WARHOL IS OVER - Robert Fontaine Gallery, Miami (USA)
2011    SWEET HOME, Berlin at SCOPE Miami, USA, curated by Jonny Star
2010    komm rein - Klötze & Schinken, Berlin (Germany)
            Topsy Freerider! Le Trans Tier Salon - Galerie Crystal Ball, Berlin (Germany)
2002    Mitten ins Herz - Galerie Tammen & Busch, Berlin (Germany)
            MEETING IN B. mit Peter Solymos - NEUROTITAN, Berlin (Germany)


2016    Ruth Katzman Stipend, The League Residency At Vyt, New York
2014    Travel Grant Cultural Exchange of the Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department, supporting Berlin artists of group show in NYC curated by Jonny Star



The Calle Collection, New York, United States
Haupt Collection, Berlin, Germany
Sparkasse Hochsauerland, Brilon, Germany
Patrick de Schrevel Collection, Eitorf, Germany



2016    The Grand Superuschi Show (SUPERUSCHI) - Private Home Berlin (Germany)
2015    You Can Feel It (SUPERUSCHI) - Haus am Lützowplatz/Studiogalerie), Berlin (Germany)
            join the inner circle (SUPERUSCHI) - Private Home Berlin (Germany)
            SWEET LOVE (SUPERUSCHI) / artist Talk with Curator Tina Sauerländer - Private Home Berlin (Germany)
            kitchen girls & toy boys supported by the Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department (SUPERUSCHI) - Rush Arts Gallery, New York City (USA)
2014    I'm so lonesome I could cry (SUPERUSCHI) - Private Home Berlin (Germany)
           *MOVE FORWARD Vol. 2 (SUPERUSCHI) - Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (Germany)
           *MOVE FOWARD Vol. 1 (SUPERUSCHI) - Private Home Berlin (Germany)
            du weißt, ich liebe das Leben supported by chashama, New York (SUPERUSCHI) - 266 chashama New Yory City (USA)
            toy boys Vol. 2 (SUPERUSCHI) - Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (Germany)
2013    kitchen girls Vol. 2 (SUPERUSCHI) -  Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (Germany)
            toy boys Vol. 1 (SUPERUSCHI) - Private Home Berlin (Germany)
            kitchen girls Vol. 1 (SUPERUSCHI) -  Private Home Berlin (Germany)
2012    kurz und knackig, Dan Hudson -  (sweet home) Berlin (Germany)
2011    SCOPE Miami, USA, group show (sweet home) - Berlin (Germany)
            weit weg, Mechtild von Ahlers (sweet home) - Berlin (Germany)
            kurz und knackig, Zipora Rafaelov (sweet home) - Berlin (Germany)
            air conditions, Ute Haecker (sweet home) - Berlin (Germany)
            Kirsch und Sahne, Anskar Skiba - (sweet home) Berlin (Germany)
            Mutti, Karin Christiansen (sweet home) - Berlin (Germany)
            paper objects, Julia Büttelmann (sweet home) - Berlin (Germany)
            desire!, Tulip Enterprises (sweet home) - Berlin (Germany)
            we are back, Michal Dudek (sweet home) - Berlin (Germany)
2008   her´mit dem schönen Leben,  Anna Borowy (JONNY´S) - Berlin (Germany)
           Flieg mein elektrischer Fisch, Bianca Döring (JONNY´S) - Berlin (Germany)
1997   Ortrun Blase (Schauraum) -  Berlin (Germany)


2016 Jonny Star. See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me, Distanz Verlag Berlin [German and English]
2013 Jonny Star Newspaper, Self Published [German and English]
2012 Jonny Sar Newspaper, Self Published [German and English]
2011 Jonny is Back by Bianca Döring (Text) and Jonny Star (Design and Photographs), Self Published [German]
2011 Where's Jonny, by Bianca Döring (Text) and Jonny Star (Design and Photographs), Self Published [German]
2011 Jonny and the Bio-Doctor, by Bianca Döring (Text) and Jonny Star (Design and Photographs), Self Published [German]
1995 Heuchelmund by Karen-Susan Fessel, Photographs and Layout by Jonny Star, konkursbuch Verlag [German]


since 2013       SUPERUSCHI
2011 - 2012    SWEET HOME – private art space, Berlin, Germany
2007 - 2009    JONNY´S, Berlin, Germany
2005               golden – souvenir de luxe shop, Raposeira, Portugal
1997               Schauraum, art space, Berlin, Germany